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emergency accommodation service for families and businesses

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Teepee Homes

Teepee Homes offers an emergency accommodation service for families and businesses that have had to move from their premises due to flooding, subsidence, fire damage, contamination or any other disasters.

We supply caravans, which are located within the boundaries of the affected property or in a designated area. We can cater for individual families or large numbers of people in the case of a major disaster.

How we can help

We’ve developed a flexible service in order to help clients cope with personal disasters such as burst pipes or household fires. We can provide families with immediate shelter to suit their needs and allow them to stay close to animals, family, work and schools.

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Benefits of the service

Caravans can be sited within the boundaries of a property or close by. This can be beneficial for security reasons, schooling, or if there are pets or livestock within the grounds of the property. Our service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and caravans can be on site within 24 hours.

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